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The League of Legends: Akali Guide

After leaving the Order of the Kink, Akali refused to teach Shen and created her own fighting style. She no longer fights enemies in a short distance, chopping their blades against the cams. Now the assassin Ionian Freestyle uses the tactics of “flying out” - constantly changing position, she attacks the enemy, hides in the shadows, and then attacks again. If you want to play this hero, you should learn everything about her. Before League of Legends betting, check Akali guide.

Skills of Akali

So, let's get acquainted with Akali. If a skill does damage to a champion, a circle appears around it. While a circle is being formed, the speed of Akali towards it increases. Crossing the boundary of the circle, Akali accelerates again if it moves towards the enemy. Crossing the boundary of the circle, Akali also has the effect of strengthening the kama, which increases the range and damage of its next auto attack. In addition, this attack restores her energy.

Akali is a skilled killer who is constantly on the move, which makes the game more difficult for her. A key element of Akali's military equipment is the Killer Tag circle (passive skill): by constantly crossing its border, you charge Kama and you will be able to do great damage. Killer Shuriken and Perfect Kill will help put a mark on your goal when you jump back and forth, activating the effect of improved kams. When you use the skill again to jump to the target again, perform an auto-attack, reinforced with a mark, hit five holes to make sure that the target is destroyed.

Akali acts with enemies more slowly than with other killers. More experienced masters can use this skill in combination with others to create a circle, as well as constantly enter and exit. If you run out of energy and the enemies want to punish you for excessive self-confidence, the sunset time, applied on time, will make them wander in the dark.

Things Akali Players Should Know

Akali has three options for using a five-point strike: use it only with a high level of energy to constantly heal yourself on the line; use the skill with low recharge twice in a row, causing maximum damage, but completely depleting energy. The delay between the jerks Perfect Kill allows you to strike a stream of blows but also shows that you can counterattack the enemy. If you want to kill the target faster, try using the first line in advance - you will sacrifice a stun but your next attack will surely be the last for the enemy. Are you going to play Akali? Check detailed information here.