Dota 2 Guide for Beginners

Dota 2 doesn't care about the fact that you are new to the game. Thus, you'd better get familiar with all the difficulties before starting the actual game. The more you know about Dota 2, the better gaming performance you can hope for. Here are some guidelines you should keep in mind while visiting

Play the tutorial

Dota 2 offers a tutorial, so you can have some practice before starting a serious game. If you learn some heroes and find out about their abilities, you will cover the basis of the modern MOBA genre. You also need a basic understanding of items, as you will be using some of them often.

Refer to a coach

To get things right from the very beginning, you might need a person who knows it all. This is what allows you to have fun straight away. What's good is that you can ask a lot of questions, as a professional coach is supposed to know all the answers. There are a few online resources such as Steam where you can get some assistance.

Use online guides

On the official website, there is a guide menu, involving player-written and rated guides for every character of Dota 2. More and more players decide on following the guides left by Purge, because he analyzes different builds for heroes in bot matches. At the same time, guides aren't static resources to stick to. During the gaming process, the guide will underline the next recommended skill level to choose.

Listen to experienced players

The best way to master Dota 2 is to play with experienced players who know this game perfectly. They can share their own experience of passing the challenges and give you some smart tricks to avoid their mistakes. Keep in mind that people are more eager to help you if you belong to the team.

Choose support heroes

You should learn about hero roles in Dota 2 as good as possible, especially you should pay attention to support characters. Support heroes are aiming to help the stronger damage-dealing characters. This type of heroes is suitable for beginners, as it requires less knowledge and skills. As you learn more, you can try your chances with more complex characters.

Go outside the game

Outside of the Dota 2 community is the professional environment, and this might be the best gaming experience in your life. Professional competitions will show you how to play heroes that you never knew, and recommend you some winning strategies to try once. All this knowledge will make the game even more exciting!

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